The Syntax Process

A Step-by-Step Guide to our Trustee & Administration Services

Stage 1. SSAS Application

Unlike some trustee companies, Syntax takes full control of the application, supporting information and liaising with your financial adviser so that we can ensure an outcome is reached as fast as possible. We will organise the transfer of existing pensions funds into your SSAS. We will oversee the funds transfer into our trustee reserve account and fully diarise all relevant dates for the administration of the SSAS.

Stage 2. SSAS investments

This is one of our key strengths. We aim to ensure that, following your professional financial adviser’s recommendations, we undertake full due diligence on any investment proposed. We will research the investment not only to ensure that it complies with HMRC requirements and SSAS rules, but also that it is suitable and in the SSAS beneficiaries’ best interests. We will liaise directly with your professional financial and legal advisors in relation to the completion of any investments considered during the lifetime of the SSAS.

Stage 3. Ongoing administration

Syntax will ensure that the SSAS complies with the obligations to submit tax returns and complete and file these for you. We will also ensure that the employer and the scheme comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and relevant registrations are completed.