Our Fee Structure

We are deliberately very open and transparent about our fees. We ensure that our services are good value and that you are clear from the outset. This is a distinct advantage over the larger, volume-driven trustee and administration companies.
Fees will always be confirmed in a formal engagement letter and we will of course discuss any particular requirements with you and your IFA should such arise.
Our annual fees include:
  • An application fee for the employer and proposed members of the SSAS.
  • An initial fee which will include organising the transfer(s) of existing pension funds into our trustee reserve account and the first year’s administration if we are instructed as pension administrators as well as the SSAS professional trustee.
  • Investment and transaction fees which relate to specific transactions over the course of a year which are invoiced as and when transactions are carried out.
  • An annual administration fee which includes all the work necessary to comply with HMRC and other relevant rules including:
    • Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts
    • Reporting as required by HM Revenue & Customs
    • Completion and submission of the Registered Pension Scheme Return
    • Correspondence to you relating to day to day administration of your scheme
    • Distribution of income and assets according to the trust documentation
    • Payment of invoices
    • Annual valuation and fund split
    • Data Protection registration and Pensions Regulator renewals
    • Maintaining pension records

Our fees are payable by the pensions funds held in your allocated reserve account and we will ensure that there will always be a minimum balance held.

We know our fees are both fair and competitive in the market. In our view the absolute level of fees is less important than the depth and quality of the service provided to you.