About Syntax Professional

Syntax was set up by qualified and regulated professionals in the legal and accountancy fields. We are an independent, specialist company offering the services of a professional trustee and pension administrator, a “boutique” operation focusing specifically on Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS) in the SME sector.
The role of Pension Trustee is very well established in English law and, as Trustees, we bring not only our experience in our fields but also the time-honoured duties of honesty, loyalty, and good faith towards trust beneficiaries whether they be pension scheme members or individuals claiming through them.
The core duties of care and skill owed by a pension trustee are:

To act with prudence

A pension scheme trustee must act in the way that a prudent person would in their own affairs using their skills and expertise.. This duty is particularly relevant to selecting and dealing with the scheme’s investments.

To act in accordance with scheme documentation

A trustee’s powers and the procedures that they must adhere to are set out in documents known as the Trust Deed and the Scheme Rules. Trustees are bound by law to act in line with the terms they specify. 

The trust deed sets up and governs the legal parameters of the scheme. The scheme rules set out more detailed conditions, for instance, what benefits will be provided.

To be familiar with the terms of the trust

Trustees have a legal responsibility to be thoroughly familiar with the documents that govern the Trust and to ensure that they understand all the terms and conditions properly both in general and in respect of any decision that they take to exercise powers in their role as trustee.

To act in the best interests of the scheme beneficiaries

Trustees must consider the interests of all the classes of beneficiary covered by the trust deed and rules and act responsibly, impartially and without conflict of interest towards all of them. This does not always mean that every class of beneficiary is treated the same but all members of each class must be dealt with equally. The trustees must use their skills and expertise to find a fair and judicious balance and, in making decisions, give appropriate weight to the rights and interests of all concerned.

As professional trustees, Syntax are able to contribute greater knowledge, skill and diligence than could be expected of a lay trustee. Trust members can rest assured that their schemes are in the best of hands. Our depth of expertise means we can ensure good governance and successfully navigate complex regulations or circumstances in which they apply whilst also providing support to employers by identifying potential problems and providing solutions.